The Anchor

2017-2018 Staff

Samantha Huang


An Asian with an Educated Southern accent. Likes her coffee and tea black.

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Lexie Vogt


I love volleyball and tennis. Favorite subject is lunch.

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Anna Witt

Writer, Social Media Team

Mayor of Swag City

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Marissa Van Leuven

Writer, Social Media Team

You know my name, not my read it...

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Jake Turner


Frontman of the best band in Farragut.

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Abby Severns


"You would not believe your eyes if 10 million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep."

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Bethany Roysdon


All I want to do is write stories and drink coffee.

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Jackson Poindexter


Citizen first, Journalist second. Friend always.

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Rhianna Ortiz


I'm a vegetarian Puerto-Rican who was born in Iceland and loves naps.

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Ryan McCarthy


Sports, Baseball, Rocket League Gold 2 Rank, Writer.

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Eric Mascia


Sports. Baseball, 2K champion, Legend in my park, 95 overall shot creator, Redskins win Super Bowl 52. Writer.

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Ellie Jones

Writer, Social Media Team

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Paige Gleason


new and in technicolor!

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Bella Gaylor


Hello, I'm a writer. I do things.

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George Evans


I am George Evans. I am a sophomore and I like to play soccer. My favorite subject is history, and my favorite color is blue.

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Olivia Campbell


Loves watching movies (Lion King and Frozen). Favorite friends are Merlin and Arthur. Loves: pink, Youtube, and basketball.

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Ben Hanson


Senior. Sports writer for FHS Anchor.

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Alyssa Cuevas


Lover of all things related to music, food, and Florida State.

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Veronica Ward

Writer, Photographer, Editor-In-Chief

Destroyer of worlds. I value coffee more than human interaction.

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