FHS 2019 Prom Best Dressed (Juniors)

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Prom 2019 was one for the books! Everyone came dressed in their best attire and some of these dresses are to die for.

Alexis Masengill: This beautiful satin dress looked amazing on Alexis. The lovely pink complimented her dark hair and tan skin.

Savannah Murray: This fitted, patterned dress suited Savannah well. The dark blue and gold accents could not have gone together any better.

Caroline Hobbs: The elegant and tasteful embellishments on the top of the dress made it a hit. The beautiful tulle bottom and cool top looked perfect on Caroline.

Mary Hannah Irwin: This simple dress stood out due to its color, which is typically not seen at prom. Mary Hannah stated that the reason she chose the dress was because it was yellow, and it had a pretty back.

Emma Poindexter: Emma totally rocked prom in this emerald green, satin dress. This dress was perfect for this occasion. Could the train flowing behind her possibly be even more iconic?


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