Marshawn Lynch Retirement

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Marshawn Lynch, the man who coins himself as Beast Mode has announced that he will retire from being an NFL Running Back. A man who has made every sports fan chuckle with his comedic post-game press conferences has decided to end his career. This is upsetting to fans across the country but is very relieving to NFL defenses. Although Lynch has just announced retirement, this is not his first time.

On February 7, 2016, Marshawn Lynch announced retirement from the Seattle Seahawks after one of their games. The following year he decided to join the Oakland Raiders, and in 2 seasons he recorded 10 touchdowns and 1,100 rushing yards. The reason these numbers aren’t good is because in the 2018 season Lynch suffered a season-ending groin injury. This is probably why he chose to retire again.

While he struggled for the Raiders in recent years, Lynch’s career still remains successful. If he retires for good he will have scored 84 career touchdowns and 10,379 all-purpose yards in only 148 games. This racks up for an extremely successful career. Marshawn Lynch will he missed by the game of football.

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