We Promise That You’ll Never Find Another Like “ME!”

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Well. We didn’t think this day would come. Alas, our last article. Hold onto your horses because it’s gonna be a RAGER.

April 26th. A day. A time. A moment. A beginning. This day was a reserved day for the opening for the new Avengers movie Endgame, but that did not stop Taylor Swift from rising from her absence and stunning the world with a song that is a drastic contrast from her Reputation album. A brilliant twist of fun and frills. Featuring Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie, the song titled “ME!” dropped at the stroke of midnight and stunned fans everywhere.

Maggie partook in a worldwide viewing of the music video and watched intently as another Swift music video blew her mind.

Morgan was awake at midnight when the song was released but didn’t realize that the song had been released for about 15 minutes. She was distracted by How I Met Your Mother. Overcoming her incompetence she watched the music video and was taken aback by the super fun times pop music that filled her ears. Her true emotions for the song were not revealed until the next morning when in was on repeat as she got ready and continued on her drive to school.

The song truly reverts back to a less revengeful Swift and is a creation of art, a masterpiece. From the bubbly chorus to the awkward bridge lyrics the song is a feel-good song arriving in perfect time for the summer. The music video has already broken the Vevo quickest to 100 million views in a mere 79 hours. The video also broke YouTube’s most views in a day with 65.2 million. Despite the complete turn from the music she released two years ago, fans are accepting this pop anthem with open arms. It was not an expected song but it was needed, and we can still cling to the hope that Swift will drift closer and closer to her former peppy self, not seen since 2012.

Nevertheless, Swift is an entertainer and has completely mastered the art of it. From a fabulous music video to a brilliant live performance at the Billboard music awards, Swift dazzles audiences. She has captivated the music world once again.

Just like the song, the music video is a feel-good celebration of self, specifically Swift’s past selves. While Reputation era Swift claimed that the old Taylor was dead, the new music video features so many references to old songs and videos that only the craziest of fans have found them all. Listing all of these motifs and references would make this article terribly long to read, so we will simply explain our favorite one: the phone.

Near the beginning of the song, Swift sings “I know that I went psycho on the phone.” The lyric itself is a clear nod to her lyric in “Look What You Made Me Do” when she sings “Sorry, the Old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh! Because she’s dead!” Her calling this statement “psycho” seems to signify the official end of Reputation era Taylor. Also, the pink phone that she touches in the music video during this part is almost identical to the one featured in her “Our Song” music video. Crazy. We know.

Alongside references to old music, “ME!” and its complementary video provide many hints about Swift’s upcoming seventh album. Fans have been anxiously awaiting TS7, and have put this energy into making guesses at things like the album’s name, release date, and style. We will not expound on all of the theories, but we will go into a little detail about when the album is speculated to be released. Swifties believe that “ME!” has been in the works for quite some time, possibly even before the release of her Reputation album. The biggest support for this theory is a lyric from her song “End Game” that states “Reputation precedes me.” Though this could just be a coincidence because “your reputation precedes you” is not an uncommon phrase, we fans like to think otherwise. Also, for those that preordered her album, Swift sent some Reputation calendars that had marked some possibly significant dates. One of these dates is April 13th, which was the date that the “ME!” countdown began. The other dates marked are May 13th and September 30th, which fans believe will be the release of another single and then the album respectively.

Needless to say, we are absolutely pumped about Swift releasing new music, especially the unique song that she has already gifted us with. We promise that you’ll never find another like “ME!”.

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