Most Popular Summer Activities

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The most popular summertime activities include beach vacations, lake days, camping trips, and spending time with friends and family. No matter what your agenda looks like, summer is the best time of the year. As the weather warms up, people head for the outdoors, and since school is out, summer is the best time to take a nice relaxing vacation. The majority of people go to the beach for the summer.

This picture was taken in Anna Maria Island. This island, at the end of Florida, is a popular location for many families to lay back at. It is somewhat private, but still has plenty of things to do without the overcrowded feeling.  

In the summer, the only reading most people do is reading texts from their friends to see where to meet up. With the right group of people, summer can be the best time of your lives, and the best time to make lifelong memories.

Because of the location of the Tennessee River, lake days are a very popular pastime in Knoxville. Whether you have a jet ski, paddle board, or boat for tubing, time on the water is refreshing throughout a hot summer day.

Camping is another great way to create memories. It can be a beautiful day trip, or overnight stay. Max Patch as a 360 degree view of the Smokies. The view is breathtaking at anytime, but sunrise or sunset is ideal.

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