New York City Imposes A 5-Cent Fee On Paper Bags After Plastic Bag Ban

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New York City will begin a plastic bag ban in March of 2020, to help reduce the city’s solid waste. The fee is used to encourage shoppers to use their recyclable bags. The city’s approval was followed by the states ban; California has also banned plastic bags. According to CBS, “ If New Yorkers use reusable bags rather than plastic bags it could reduce the amount of waste considerably, The New York Sanitation Department telling it collects almost 30,000 tons of paper bags a year.”

The idea is that 3-cents goes to the environmental Protection Fund and 2-cents goes to the reusable bag program. Scientist say that paper can be worse than plastic, they are heavy and use more fuel to transport, and are made from trees. According to a study in Denmark, “ a cotton tote needs to be used at least 52 times to have the same climate impact, as a single use plastic bag.” The woven bags and plastic bags are intended for reuse and have a smaller carbon footprint.

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