Bucket List

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Me and my little sister Caroline are seventeen months apart, so we’ve always been close. My two older sisters have been at college for the past three years making me and Caroline spend a lot of time together. Within these three years, we’ve done pretty much everything together we even though we fought a whole lot the first year and a half. Once we got past that, we’re pretty much best friends. This past year, we’ve hung out way more than years before because my mom works all the time, and I have to drive Caroline to all her activities.

   This summer we have decided to put together a bucket list, since I’ll be going to college in the fall. As the end of the school year gets closer, we spend more and more time together after school, and we plan out our bucket list further every day. We have chosen to make a bucket list for many reasons. It’ll be a good bonding experience for the both of us so we’ll stay friends and hopefully will be able to reminisce in the future about my final summer of high school. We’ll also have a reason to not just sit around and be lazy all summer but rather have something to look forward to and spend time together.


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