Going To Hawaii?

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If you are going to the main island of Hawaii, Oahu, here are a few of the major things to do in this tropical paradise.

#1 Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven is the most known hike in the islands and will not disappoint as it sits on the ridge of an ancient, not longer active, volcano. With the 3,922 military stairs that were constructed to be an outpost for Pearl Harbor and 2500 feet in elevation change, the views are sure to not disappoint. Although, it is now illegal to hike the ancient stairs, you can still hike a steep path that will lead to a cross section of the stairs where you can enjoy the same views.

#2 The North shore

The North Shore is well renowned for being the best surf spot in the United States. In prime season, the swells can be almost 30 feet tall! Surf competitions happen almost everyday during this season, which is late fall and winter months.

#3 Waimea Beach

Waimea Beach is well known for its jumping rock and beautiful sunsets. The beach is one of Oahu’s largest and is a highly sought place to enjoy a day with friends and family.



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