Goodbye to the Seniors

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As senior year is coming to an end, many of us find it bittersweet. Most of us have walked these halls for four years and have built great relationship with our friends and teachers. With that being said, we decided to go around and ask some of our favorite teachers what they are going to miss most about losing the class of 2019.

Mr. Collins: “People coming into my room during every class change. I have a strong connection with a lot of people in this class, and they mean a lot to me.”

Ms. Toth: “I’m definitely going to miss Amy Cloud and Alyssa Cuevas giving me daily updates on all the drama that goes on in their class.”

Ms. Blankenship: “I’m gonna miss their enthusiasm and their quirky sense of humor. I’m going to miss seeing all their smiling faces down the hall.”   

Ms. Breeding: “The laughter in class because there are all kinds of characters in this graduating class. And I’d never thought I’d find it, but there are people in that are more talkative than me.”

Mrs. Ramsey: “The diversity of personalities. Their level of caring and compassion. They’re a big group of huggers.”

Mr. Michel: “Learning all the new slang, then getting made fun of for trying to use it myself. Usually, I get told I am using it 6 months too late.”

Mr. Mayfield: “Hm…I’ll miss all the vaping in the green wing bathroom. I’ll miss hearing about all the stupid high school relationships that will never last.”


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