Top 5 Most Trendy Clothes in High School

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1.Crop tops- The crop top look is coming back from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Showing off the waist and stomach, they can be worn with about anything, jeans, leggings, shorts, etc.

2.High waisted jeans- The high waisted jeans come up to the top of the hips, giving girls a more defined waistline and bigger hips. This trend shows off the curves of the body.

3.Air Force 1 and adidas shoes- These sneakers are think, chunky and come in an color or design.

4.Lululemon- The high end athletic clothing line has become one of the most popular trends for highschool girls. The leggings, shorts, tops and even scrunchies are a very common comfy lounging, athletic look.

5.Jogger pants- The pants are baggy at the top and tight around the ankles. They are a common pant for both boys and girls. Any brand and any color are worn but the most popular would be the top brands. Nike, adidas and Champion for example.

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