Heaven’s Gate

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In March of ‘97, local authorities found in a Colina Del Norte mansion the bodies of 39 suicide victims. This profound act was soon confirmed to be ideologically driven, and today is known as the Heaven’s Gate event, the name deriving from the group’s religion. Members of Heaven’s Gate believed in an afterlife ascension, in which one elevated himself alongside extraterrestrial beings, gaining entry to a domain known as the Next Level.

The members committed suicide by cyanide but, much to a historian’s liking, two survived. One has died in the years following, but one remains. Evan and I were privileged with the opportunity to interview this member via e-Mail. He wishes to stay incognito, so we will refer to him simply as the member.

Note that members of Heaven’s Gate referred to their bodies as vehicles, and therefore to the mass suicide as the ‘exiting of vehicles.’

Evan: Could you describe how you felt after everyone exited their vehicles, and you remained?

Member: We were very happy that they had their tasks to do and we had ours. We all work to a common purpose and will all be meeting up on different tasks in the future.

Sam: Why did the organization champion such uniformity? For example, you all ordered the same drinks, meals, and outfits the day of the suicide. Could you explain what inspired this?

Member: It was to demonstrate unity as a team. We wanted to display this to the world [sic] but, in reality, we are very diverse and perform different tasks.

Evan: How do you feel about the Heaven’s Gate organization today?

Member: First, the physical Group came to an end in 1997. There is nothing to join. Second, only the information of the Next Level is important now, in preparing for [the aliens’] distant return. The Information is a tremendous gift for mankind.

Sam: What are your views on the Abrahamic religions? That is, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Member: They were all formed by kernels of truth from the Next Level. All religions on this planet were started from Next Level information. Just like this information is the next testament and update.

Evan: What kind of exposure did you personally receive after the exiting of the vehicles?

Member: To us personally, not much. Just some email interviews.

Sam: What inspired you to become a part of Heaven’s Gate?

Member: We went to a meeting that [the leaders] held on September 14th, 1975 at Waldport, Oregon. We listened to them and joined immediately.

Evan: What got you in touch with the other members?

Member: We joined up with other members later that September at the Colorado National Monument outside of Grand Junction, Colorado.

Sam: Were there legal issues after the mass suicide?

Member: We had to make it clear to San Diego County that we held all intellectual property rights, and fought [San Diego County] in court and won.

Evan: Why did Heaven’s Gate pick that specific location to exit from?

Member: That was the instruction from the Next Level. Another place was picked but the house got sold so we had to move to the leased house at Colina Del Norte.



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