Struggles of Finding a Roommate

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Going to college in the fall, there’s a lot of steps to preparing for the transition. First finding the college for you and enrolling. Next comes finding a roommate, which seems to be impossible. There’s an app people use to mingle with other people going to the college also looking for a roommate. When you get the app, there’s a bunch of questions to answer and a spot for a personal bio for people to learn things about you. Some of the questions include: what temperature you keep your room at, what time you go to bed and wake up, and how clean you keep your room. So far, I’ve have terrible luck with finding a roommate. There have been so many that I’ve talked to, asking questions about each other trying to see if we would live well together and every single one of them have said the same thing. “I like to keep my room warm, like 70-72 degrees.” That won’t work for me, considering I’ve grown up in a house that the highest temp it gets to is about 68. That’s just my house temperature because we don’t want to spend a lot on our electric bill every month but when we go on vacations or stay in hotels, we set the room on 65 to keep it nice and cold. No one should like waking up in the morning and being hot or sweaty because of how warm it is in their room. If I were to sleep in a hot room, I wake up with a stuffy nose and can’t breathe very well because I get overheated easily. Hopefully I’ll find a roommate that lives the same way as I do soon or else I’ll get randomly placed with someone who may be crazy.

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