What hair colors are popular this year?

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What hair colors are popular this year?

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As many of us know a hair color can make or break a look, so what colors are trending this year? Let’s find out.

Wanting to make a statement? If you are wanting to make a statement why not try something completely out of the box? Something very popular is the Rose Gold, it’s a classy color with some fun added in. Master hair stylist Stephanie Brown at Eddie Arthur Salon nailed it with the rose gold color she did on a client.This color is great for spring and summer and would look good on just about anyone.

Blue hair?
Blue has become popular this year as we see Kylie Jenner sporting blue hair in one of her Instagram photos bringing on the new year. Blue hair has been used in the past to show awareness for cause but is mainly seen when someone wants a dramatic change in their hair color and blue surely makes a confident statement.

Dirty blonde and blonde highlights seem to be more popular if you are looking for a more natural color. The blonde adds a sense of lightness to the hair making it look a little bit more free flowing. This color works on all skin tones because you are keeping a natural color with a neutral to warm highlight.

Platinum blonde?
A lot of people are doing a platinum blonde color which in detail is bleaching the hair and adding an metallic silver gray tone to the hair to give this platinum almost white appearance. This hair color surely makes a statement but is super cute and makes for a confident outgoing look.

It is seen that brunettes tend to be a little darker than they please to be… brunettes always look good with a copper highlight. It adds some lift and becomes more eye catching, this looks good with a cute style.

Red Hair?
Many people would love to be redheaded. Natural redheads are always told not to color their hair because they will never get the original color back. When wanting a red color, look at several pictures and decide on a tone that you would like to achieve because with red it never shows up how it does in the picture, it is always a shade or two lighter or darker. When choosing a red color you are choosing a warm tone that is good for any season, it looks great in the fall and winter, in the summer it is easy to lighten with a nice highlight. Red hair looks good on anyone and there are so many different varieties.

When it comes to hair color there is so many different colors to choose and many that one will look good in. One thing is it’s hair, but it’s part of your personality, and you can express that however you would like. So be bold and choose the hair color you want this year.


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