Will Wade Investigation

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On March 8th, Louisiana State University announced that Will Wade, current head coach, will be indefinitely suspended due to recruiting violations. He is currently working with the NCAA to correct the allegations pinned against him. LSU is ranked number 10 in the nation right now, and will be the one seed in the SEC tournament.

Wade was heard talking to players about cash payments for attending LSU via wiretapping of his office phone. The calls took place in 2017, but current freshman Ja’Vonte Smart was among the players heard negotiating for cash. Smart was a Top 50 recruit out of Baton Rouge, LA. With the investigation still in progress, Wade will not be available to be the head coach as the postseason approaches. This will be an unfortunate blow to LSU’s tremendous season. As you can imagine, fans of other Southeastern Conference teams are outraged regarding the incident because of their one seed in the SEC tournament. We asked Morgan Carbaugh, future collegiate basketball player and Vol for life, how she felt about the Will Wade Investigation.

         Q: What were your initial feelings when you found out LSU Head coach Will Wade was paying cash to recruits to get them to come play ball at LSU?

         A: My initial thought was, “You turds,” but later thought, well this has happened before and I wasn’t surprised.

         Q: What do you feel is a reasonable punishment for the LSU basketball team because of the recruiting violations?

         A: They should be stripped of any titles they win because their whole season was a sham. Possibly public shaming or excessive roasting on Twitter.

         Q: Do you feel that teams that were beat my LSU should not be penalized for their loss because of the recruiting violations?

         A: Yes. Even though Tennessee lost to LSU without Ja’Vonte Smart, the main name in the recruiting violation.

It’s no secret that this is a serious problem in the NCAA, but this incident just had to occur right down the Mississippi River in our own conference. It’s a shame and an embarrassment to the LSU coaching staff and the players. The investigation continues.

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