Thank U, Next Album Review

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The sassy new album Thank U, Next by pop star Ariana Grande is taking over the music industry. According to Wren Graves from Consequence of Sound, the “tumultuous 18 months that included a terrorist bombing at one of her concerts, an engagement, a wedding called off, and the death of an ex-lover” no wonder she is responding in a powerful way that has shocked the world. Graves also claims, “the whole album crackles with personality” which shows that Ariana has truly found who she is in her music. The sassy, emotional and according to some, fast album has changed the way people see her. Chloe Dodson states, “I love the album! I think it is upbeat and fun! I love her “Thank U, Next” song. It is a female empowerment album that represents girl power.” Ellie Arp loves the album also but claims that “some of the songs are repetitive.” Her favorite song on the album is “7 rings”. This album and most popular song, “Thank U, Next” has been booming all over the radio. The 25 year old singer has powered through many circumstances and has still finished on top.


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