The Legend of Sadie Baker

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Something witchy lurks in the small town of Ten Mile, Tennessee. Susan “Sadie” Baker is a local urban legend known for not only being a witch, but also for being a ghost. Sadie is known to roam Concord Cemetery, a graveyard belonging to Concord Baptist Church which has been around for centuries. While the graveyard itself is quite small, it’s famous for its greedy, ghostly inhabitants and their gorey life stories.

Sadie Baker is believed to have died some time in the 18th century, and while the true nature of her death is not recorded, her story has been passed down in Ten Mile since the day she died. Sadie first arrived in Ten Mile as a beggar in search for a place to sleep for the night. She was said to be a very attractive woman, so she was taken in by a family in town as they were “fascinated by her beauty.” After only a few days in town, Sadie had attracted the attention of several wealthy bachelors, and months later she had dozens of suitors contending for her hand in marriage. However, her harlotry was not well accepted among the single ladies of Ten Mile– particularly those whose boos were stolen by the charming miss Baker. Soon after, Sadie was executed for enchanting the men of the town and was buried in Concord Cemetery. While she may be dead, she is believed to have remained in spirit– seeking revenge on Ten Mile for her murder.

Sadie’s grave is one of the oldest in the cemetery, although the original headstone has since been replaced as it was once a mark of bravery to steal it. Locals claim to see Sadie roaming the cemetery at night and those who pass her grave must leave a dollar to appease her. Leaving a penny, however, offends the ghost and may provoke her to violence, as she is known for shoving and scratching visitors. My visit with Sadie was luckily quite tame, but I did leave a dollar for her just in case.

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