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Ellie Arp is the Ultimate Athlete

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Ellie Ann-Catharine Arp has played every sport known to man. From basketball to golf, her extensive knowledge and talent is unmatched. Here are three of Ellie’s  most notable performances:

1) Ellie playing a round of golf with Tiger Woods

Ellie began playing golf when she was just 7 years old. Her dad forced her to play because he wanted her to get a scholarship. Ellie hated golf, but her natural ability led her to play a match with the one and only, Tiger Woods. Even though she retired her clubs, Ellie can still hit a golf ball over 30 feet.

2) Ellie winning a pick-up game against Michael Jordan

Ellie was playing basketball at FMS when she was first contacted by one of Michael Jordan’s representatives. He had heard of her tremendous success and wanted come out of retirement to try to take her in a pickup game. It was a close match and unfortunately he lost. He was so embarrassed he paid people to keep  this story out of the papers, until now.

3) Ellie performing for the American Ballet Theater

Ellie was a dancer from age 4 to age 7. She was so good at her craft, that even 10 years later, the American Ballet Theater asked her to perform for one show. She received and a standing ovation.

In all honesty, Ellie is ranked in the top 25 for indoor track and was set to run at state; however, due to her injury with her foot, we aren’t sure she will be able to. I, Alyssa Cuevas, can vouch for her ability to hit a golf ball over 30 feet and her basketball skills, but I have never seen her play or dance against the people she claims to. I guess the mystery of her famous athletic matches will remain a mystery.


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Ellie Arp is the Ultimate Athlete