The Top Five Smartest Dogs

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According to Psychology Today, there are around 339 dog breeds known. They are divided into ten categories depending on characteristics and features. Like humans, each dog is unique in their own way. Some breeds generate smarter traits than others making them better companions for humans. Pet MD provides a list of the most intelligent dogs:

Golden Retrievers- They are very affectionate and are common in family homes. This breed is well known for its intelligence and are capable of learning up to 200 commands. Like the name, they are excellent at the retrieving games. They are good at hunting, tracking, and are commonly used as therapy or assistance dogs.

German Shepherds- A large, long haired dog that was bred specifically to be smart. These dogs learn quickly and obey any command the first time it is given. German Shepherds are used for many jobs that require them to apply their intelligence. The most common jobs would be a guard, police, or a search-and-rescue dog. They are also trained to be in the military for parachute jumps.

Border Collies- This breed is high energy and extraordinarily smart. Pet MD states, “it is essential to give Border Collies an occupation or purpose, or you may find your home wrecked upon your return from a long day at work.” They love to compete in dog sports due to their good obedience and learning capabilities. From an article called, “All About Border Collies”, claims that “Many Border Collies and their owners enjoy the fast-growing sport of Agility, as it enhances the relationship between dog and handler and develops a confident, bold, and motivated dog.” Border Collies would be a good companion for any human that is as high energy and active as they are.

The American Kennel Club talks about the American Leopard Hound and the Appenzeller Sennenhund being one of the smartest dogs. The American Leopard Hounds have a loving, kind personality that is great for families with young children. These dogs have excellent tracking abilities and can track prey from miles away. They track raccoons, bears, squirrels, and much more. They also do well in any kind of climate.

The Appenzeller Sennenhund is a muscular, agile, loud dog. They make for good guard or farm dogs due to their slight suspicion towards strangers and are not easily bribed. They are also known as Appenzeller Mountain Dogs because of their agility, obedience and skills for a search-and-rescue. American Kennel Club states that this breed is “…lively, high-spirited, self-assured, reliable, and fearless.” These happy, energetic and intelligent dogs make for a good pet.


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