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The Sticky Situation of Farragut High School

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The Sticky Situation of Farragut High School

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The Gum Wall at Farragut High School has been around for quite some time. According to an anonymous business teacher, way back when people smoked cigarettes outside of school, they would take out their gum and stick it on the wall instead of throwing it on the ground. Yuck.

Some students at the high school commented on this matter also. They said that they have participated in the tradition of gum on the wall, but also think it is disgusting. Some teachers don’t even know about it and were very curious as to why it was there. When informed about this wall, most teachers were shocked that such a thing existed. They think it’s disturbing and should be cleaned. However, we find that the gum wall literally adds color to the image of Farragut High School.

We suggest that all students participate to be able to call themselves a true Admiral. Before you graduate, you must put a piece of gum on this wall because looking back on it, it will be a true memory of your time here at Farragut High School.

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The Sticky Situation of Farragut High School