Seniors We’re TOTALLY Crushing On: Haley’s Top Picks

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Everyone has the classic awkward high school crush. After days of research, Haley and Payson have narrowed it down to 8 lucky people, both of us choosing 4 people, that have caught our eye. Let us introduce you to Haley’s top picks for the seniors we’re TOTALLY crushing on at Farragut High School.

Jude Wren

Basketball team star Jude Wren has been a fan favorite for the past 4 years, and we are all dying to shoot our shot with him. Jude says his fantasy date is “sweatpants. Blankets. Pizza. The Office.” but we all know he probably stays home and watches “Sneaker Shopping with Complex” on YouTube. Jude is looking for a girl who’s funny, humble, cute, and doesn’t find it strange that him and his boys listen to “Hey There Delilah” at full volume in the parking lot every morning. Jude loves listening to Khalid and Aminé, and his favorite vine is “hi, my name is trey and I have a basketball game tomorrow,” which probably couldn’t describe him more. He is so funny and kind of acts exactly like Donald Glover, which is ironically is his favorite stand-up comedian. Besides being the world’s greatest basketball player, Jude is, also, a pretty good artist and wants to design some sweet kicks one day. This future shoe designer’s dream is to collab with Nike and not be judged for requesting “Greatest Love Story” by LANCO in the club. If you’re looking for a cool guy with a big heart and 1,040 followers on instagram, Jude Wren is your perfect match.

Who wore it better: Payson Gignac or Maddy Idles as 6ix9ine?


Best Tweet:

Crush: Anna Taylor….uh does she know about this?


Hollie Sikes

Quirky. Relatable. 612 YouTube subscribers. Meet Hollie Sikes! Hollie Sikes went from being a successful YouTuber and lead singer of her own band known as the “Ivory Kites” to being a Michael’s Cashier that is known for her role of Donkey in the award winning production of Shrek the Musical and cannot see herself with a guy who doesn’t like the Cars movies. When she’s not busy going to Honeybee Coffee to post it on her the instagram story, she says the Costco Food Court is her ideal date location. She is a vegetarian only because she orders “two bean burritos with just beans. Beans only” at Taco Bell. Her idea of a party is listening to 2005 Panic! At the Disco and watching John Mulaney’s Netflix specials. Hollie often finds herself singing and crying in the shower to “Cotton Eyed Joe.” She says, “It gets me everytime.” Hollie is definitely an activist not only because of her dress code petition sophomore year, but when asked if Ariana’s new song, “Thank U, Next” snapped, she agreed and said, “Ariana for president 2020.” Be the change, Hollie. Finally, we asked her rate, date, and TBH (“to be honest”) Payson, in which she replied with, “I’m letting my sister do this one because Payson is obsessed with her.” Here are Hollie’s sister, Mallorie Sikes, answers: Rate- 5 on a good day, Date- definitely, and TBH- idk u well but ur cool. Looks like Maddy Idles better hold onto her man. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a hipster gal who looks like she buys modern music on vinyl for the aesthetic, Hollie Sikes is your girl!

Who wore it better: Payson Gignac or Maddy Idles as 6ix9ine?

“Maddy wore it better. 200%” -Hollie Sikes (2018)

Best Tweet:

Crush: “Zach Collins. Don’t tell him though.”


Justin Alton

I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t that the guy that just got dumped by Ariana Grande? But, don’t say “Thank U, Next” to Justin just yet. Justin Alton, former bench warmer for the Farragut Admirals freshman basketball team, is a filmmaker, Tropical Smoothies Cafe employee, and recently, a songwriter that cries to “Cudi Zone” by Kid Cudi in the shower. He happens to be a pretty good artist as well. He has just released one song so far with soundcloud rapper, Octavio, called “Karma (Mix It With the Sprite).” We asked if it was his guilty pleasure song he said, “I don’t know about guilty pleasure but it slaps.” Also, Justin is like 7 feet tall and can dunk on anyone in sight. Because Justin loves to stay home, his ideal date is “probably just a good movie and pizza” with someone kind, creative, and funny named Post Malone. Justin is Post Malone’s biggest fan. His favorite Chick-fil-a employee is Nolan Phillips and his Taco Bell order is “beefy mini quesadilla, loaded potato griller, 4-pack of cinnabon delights, Doritos locos tacos, and a caramel empanada.” If you’re looking for a sweet guy that will make you laugh and has enough money to pay for THAT taco bell order, Justin Alton is 😍😍😍.

Who wore it better: Payson Gignac or Maddy Idles as 6ix9ine?

“It’s a close call but I’ll give it to Maddy” (Poor Payson)

Best Tweet:

(This tweet was so good a popular meme account stole it!)

Crush: William Michael Seal III


Emma Denton

Finally! Our sophomore year homecoming princess, Emma Denton! Although Emma only has 646 followers and no taco bell order, Emma Denton is definitely a catch. Emma is FHS’s friendliest and maybe tallest girl. She looking for a guy with a great sense of humor and is at least above 6’1 (oh, do I have a guy for you ^^^). Emma Denton loves to spend her summer chilling by the pool at her father’s country club with her brother, Ryan. Her ideal date is stopping for Ice Cream before boarding her private jet to her family’s timeshare in Florida. At Chick-fil-a, she demands that only Nolan Phillips serves her and that her driver only plays “begging on your knees” from the Victorious soundtrack. Her simple request is for everything to be fabulous, is that so wrong?

Who wore it better: Payson Gignac or Maddy Idles as 6ix9ine?

“Maddy (no tea)”

Best Tweet:

Crush: Payson Gignac


Join us next time for as we discuss Payson’s picks for “Seniors We’re TOTALLY Crushing On!”

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