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The 16 Most Eligible Bachelors at Farragut High School

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Ladies, are you looking for that special someone this cuffing season? Do you find yourself crying, listening to Taylor Swift, or watching rom-coms too often? Do all of your friends have that “special someone”? If you answered yes to any of these questions, today is your lucky day, because we are about to name the sixteen most eligible bachelors at Farragut High School.


Cooper Mashburn


First up on our bachelor list, is Farragut High School’s favorite center, Cooper Mashburn. Cooper’s ideal date would be to “go to a picnic under the stars and stargaze all night while we eat Meatball Subs™. We would also listen to the Hamilton soundtrack and talk until the cows come home.” Although we have no idea what “the cows come home” means, it sounds like a good time. You have to be ready to pay for your own Meatball Sub™ though, because Cooper says of his ideal girl: “she has to be funny and also be able to carry out a conversation. She also has to be smart. She also has to be willing to split the check, because I am broke.” How chivalrous. Unfortunately, if you’re not friends with Zack Whitscell, you’re not for Cooper. This was one of his four deal-breakers, including not being flexible with your schedule, being shy, and thinking you’re above his friends or family. One of Cooper’s special talents to impress the ladies is solving a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute, and if Cooper had to eat one thing for the rest of his life, he would eat sandwiches because “there is no limit to a sandwich.”

Color: “I’m a big fan of baby blue”
Food: Fried shrimp or pasta
Season: “Winter. I love snow”
Class: Anatomy and Physiology
Teacher: Laura Smithey
Vine: I Don’t Get No Sleep Cause of Y’all


Suhil Suresh


Next up for the class of 2019, we have the ever-studious Suhil Suresh. When asked if he would rather his partner be honest, kind, intelligent or funny, he said, “I would want my girlfriend to be honest above anything else.” Suhil’s ideal date would be to eat at a formal restaurant and then go sit by the lake. More specifically, he would want to go to Olive Garden (yum) and sit on the bench at Carl Cowan Park. If Suhil only had to watch three movies for the rest of his life, he would choose Avengers: Infinity War, Star Wars: Episode 3, and The Life of Pi. Suhil is a huge Spider-Man fan though, and this can be shown through the infamous Snapchat where he stated, “I’m in such a Spider-Man mindset rn. I just imagined myself swinging from buildings.” After school, Suhil said, “I go home, workout and then begin homework.” What Suhil is looking for in a girlfriend is openness about what is on her mind, good decision making, attractiveness, and intelligence.

Color: Black
Food Pasta
Season: Winter
Class: APUSH
Teacher: Mr. Collins
Vine: “Just random fails”


Wade Ragan


Our next senior bachelor is the one and only Wade Ragan. You might see him driving around the senior lot in his red Jeep, or at Ft Loudon Lake fishing, which is one of his favorite activities. Wade’s ideal date would “… just be pretty chill, like going to see a movie and going out to eat, something where you can just hang out and talk, and for [getting] food, probably Fuji.” And what does Wade want in a girlfriend? He would want a girl who has a good sense of humor, someone he can talk to, and “thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.” Wade says that in order to impress his date, sunsets or sunrises on a nice hike are always a go-to. Unfortunately, Wade has some pretty strict deal-breakers. His deal-breakers include: always being on her phone, if she smokes cigarettes, and the most important of all, if she likes Cardi B. Cardi B lovers beware. And finally, if Wade had to eat something for the rest of his life, he would choose potatoes because “…they taste great, and you can make so many different things out of them.”

Color: Green
Food: Tacos
Season: Spring
Class: Sciences
Teacher: “Mr. Collins, even though I’ve never actually been in his class”
Vine: It’s Wednesday My Dudes


Payson Gignac


Finally for our seniors we have the iconic Payson Gignac. Payson’s ideal date would be “going to someone’s house, watching Shrek, and if I had to get any type of food… give me second… (Texts Isabella Cornaby).” When asked what his characteristics of his ideal girlfriend are, he said “um, blonde, blue eyes,… hold on I’ll have to check-(Looks at Isabella Cornaby’s Instagram)– wavy hair, funny, kind of in denial [of our love], and loves calculus.” If Payson only had to watch three movies for the rest of his life they would be Shrek 1, Shrek 2, and Shrek 3. Payson’s three deal-breakers would have to be:

  1. Hates calculus
  2. Doesn’t play soccer
  3. Not Isabella Cornaby

Bad news ladies, if you aren’t Isabella Cornaby, Payson doesn’t see his future with you.

Color: Yellow
Food: Seafood
Season: Fall
Class: Calculus
Teacher: Smithey
Vine: ”The one when the Asian woman is trapped outside the bus and is banging on the door.”


David Ridenour


Starting off our juniors is the one and only David Ridenour. When he’s not playing trumpet in the Farragut High School band or working at Sonic on Kingston Pike, David is “on Fortnite getting dubs.” When asked what his ideal date would be, David says, “My ideal date is doing something active, like hiking in the Smokies, or tubing on a boat. [We would go to] El Mezcal for sure.” If you want to know what he is looking for in a girlfriend, listen to these four traits: “Has to be funny, cute, low-key with social media, and clingy.” Clingy? Yay! 90% of the girls here at Farragut are eligible to be David’s girlfriend! For the first date, David says it would be in his backyard, listening to “some sweet Thomas Rhett while eating some steak and potatoes, playing cornhole or ladder golf.” Steak and potatoes and ladder golf are such a good mix! If you want a fancy date, hit David up. If David had to watch only three movies on a deserted island, they would be “probably the movie with Bear Grylls on how to survive in the desert, Twilight for the lonely nights, and Spongebob because it’s for the boys, and it’s nostalgic.”

Color: Orange
Food: Mexican
Season: Summer
Class: Lunch
Teacher: Mrs. Ramsey
Vine: Bekfast


Grant Patterson


Next up on our list is Grant Patterson, everybody’s favorite class clown. His ideal date would be “[On the] top of the Eiffel Tower poppin’ [apple juice] with pizza.” [Apple juice] and Paris? That sounds like a perfect date to us. If you’re wondering what he looks for in a date, pay close attention. Grant says his ideal girlfriend is “Curvy, [has] a pretty face, trustable, humorous, nice, [has] good skin, isn’t annoying, adventurous, ambitious, and supportive.” He also says he would like a girl that is honest. That’s a lot of characteristics, so good luck impressing Grant. If he could only eat one thing for the rest of his life, it would be a Moe’s burrito. If you enjoy Moe’s like him, this restaurant could be a future date spot. However, for the first date, Grant would take you on his boat. If you love the lake like he does, you two would get along perfectly.


Color: Gray
Food: Bacon
Season: Summer
Class: History
Teacher: “My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Roberts”
Vine: “Gray [Parker] putting his foot in a mouse trap”


Garrett Howe


The class of 2020’s third candidate is Garrett Howe. Garrett loves lacrosse, sunsets, his mom, and chicken nuggets. For his ideal date, Garrett says “[We would] be able to talk and laugh, watch the sunset, and [eat] El Mezcal.” A simple but cute date! When asked what his ideal girlfriend’s characteristics would be, he said “smart, good hair, not basic, has a hobby, and [is] easy to talk to.” He would also appreciate someone who is honest. For the first date, he would take you to the top of Bridgemore to watch the sunset in his truck. Being Garrett’s girlfriend sounds like a lot of fun, but if you’re rude, dumb, or don’t have similar religious beliefs, Garrett says you’re not the girl for him. After school, Garrett goes home to study, unless of course he has lacrosse practice, in which case he will be grinding on the field. So if you’re ever looking for Garrett, catch him at the lacrosse field. And make sure to check out his VSCO, @howegarrett , for some great pictures!

Color: Orange
Food: Chips and Queso
Season: Fall
Class: P.E.
Teacher: Mrs. Ramsey
Vine: I Don’t Care That You Broke Your Elbow


Santana Jones


Finally for our juniors, we have Santana Jones. Along with David, Santana spends many days after-school working at Sonic, making some money to hopefully one day take out a special lady. And where would he take that special lady? Simple, he would dazzle her at Petland. Not before going to Bonefish, Chesapeake’s, or maybe even Captain D’s though, because he really loves seafood. When asked if he would want his partner to be honest, kind, intelligent or funny, he said, “[All of] those are requirements.” If Santana had to watch only three movies for the rest of his life, he said he would want to watch Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3.

Color: Blue
Food: Crab
Season: Summer
Class: Science
Teacher: Mrs. Brewster
Vine: Shut Up and Eat a Cinnamon Roll



Brock Hodges


Our first sophomore representative is Brock Hodges (@bigbock7). Brock’s ideal date would consist of the classic, going to get ice cream at Bruster’s because “you can’t go wrong with Bruster’s” and then going to take his dog for a walk. This is also how he would impress you as well because “…my dog’s a chick magnet.” BabyBock’s top three deal-breakers are dishonesty, being controlling, or being trashy, but what Brock wants in a girl, is “[she] can’t be too short, if there’s no personality, there’s nothing, and muy atractivo”. You can find Brock at baseball or football practice after school, and Brock is looking for that special girl to cheer for him from the stands. If Brock only had to eat one thing for the rest of his life, he says, “Wings, wings all the way”. Lucky for his significant other, Brock has a wide range of movie preferences, including Rango, Hacksaw Ridge, and Up.

Color: Green
Food: Wings
Season: Summer
Class: Social Studies
Teacher: Mrs. Morris
Vine: “any Nick Collete vine”


JT Sudderth


Next up for the class of 2021 is JT Sudderth. JT is a passionate baseball player who loves to have a good time. When asked what his ideal date would be, JT says “[A] Drive-In movie, [eating] fried chicken, and [getting] her flowers and bringing chocolate milk.” His girlfriend would have to be outgoing, talkative, athletic, short, and funny. Having pretty hair wouldn’t hurt, too. On the first date, JT would take you to a 4-star restaurant, because, “5 stars is just a little too much, but 4 stars is perfect.” His top three deal-breakers would be “stank breath, annoying (won’t shut up), and trashy hygiene.” Although these are important issues for him, they don’t seem too bad. And finally, if he could only watch three movies for the rest of his life, they would be Titanic, Frozen, and Beauty and the Beast. This beast is definitely looking for his beauty!

Color: Orange
Food: Steak
Season: Fall
Class: Science — Chemistry
Teacher: Mrs. Williams
Vine: Maraschino Shuffle


Max Devault


Our next sophomore representative is Max Devault. Max enjoys football, ranch dressing, and hanging out with his friends. Max’s ideal girlfriend would be, “easy to talk to, and an average height and weight.” On a first date, Max would take his girl to a nice restaurant and the movies. Which restaurant and movie? That must be up to his date.When asked what he would eat for the rest of his life, Max answered the simple but understated pizza (he probably likes ranch on his pizza). Max’s top three deal-breakers are being disloyal, being annoying (or clingy), or being overprotective. It sounds like Max is looking for a chill, fun girl to hang with. Sounds good to us!

Color: Blue
Food: Strawberries
Season: “Uhhh does ranch count?” RANCH
Class: P.E.
Teacher: Mrs. Brewster
Vine: It’s Wednesday My Dudes

Ty Witt


Last up for our sophomores is Ty Witt. Ty says his ideal date would be at Lakeside Grill eating spicy chicken tenders. He also says that if he could eat one thing for the rest of his life it would be chicken wings, so as you can tell, Ty really likes chicken. What he also likes is when a girl is honest and doesn’t act different around her friends. This is one of his deal-breakers, along with bad hygiene and cheating. On the first date, he would take you to a low-key restaurant, most likely Calhoun’s (Calhoun’s seems to be quite popular among our bachelors), so get ready to have the time of your life. If he could only watch three movies for the rest of his life they would be Stepbrothers, Happy Gilmore, and Jaws. If you don’t like watching movies and cuddling with your bae, then dating Ty isn’t for you.


Color: Blue
Food: Chicken Wings
Season: Fall
Class: English
Teacher: Mr. Howell
Vine: Ball Jump



Mac Simpson


Our first freshman is the one and only Mac Simpson. To impress his lady, Mac said he would take her to his house. When asked what about his house was impressive, Mac stated, “Uhh nothing.” Well, okay! Mac is looking for a down-to-earth kind of girl, and someone who is “nice, funny, and sweet.” After school, Mac is usually hanging out with friends, but is welcome to adding a woman to the list of people he’s chilling with. Unlike our other bachelors, Mac took a healthier approach when answering what he would eat for the rest of his life. Salad. That’s not your typical fifteen-year-old-boy answer, so we’re led to believe that Mac is pretty mature (or maybe just his taste buds are). He also has a very eclectic mix of favorite movies, which includes Hotrod, Napoleon Dynamite, and Pineapple Express.

Color: Teal
Food: Watermelon
Season: Summer
Class: Art
Teacher: Mr. Vittetoe
Vine: Deez Nuts


Dylan Cosey


Next up for our freshmen is Dylan Cosey. Like Ty Witt, Dylan is a big fan of Calhoun’s. In fact, his ideal date would be to dine at Calhoun’s and eat a burger. That’s also where he would take his date to impress her, so if you’re expecting a night filled with fun, you will not be disappointed. He says his ideal girlfriend would have to be athletic, pretty, smart, and kind. Just about anyone could fit these qualities! However, if you’re a cheater, have bad hygiene, or are mean, then you just couldn’t date Dylan. If he could only watch three movies they would be Forest Gump, Coming to America, and Superman. He is looking for that special someone to cuddle under a blanket and watch these movies with.

Color: Blue
Food: Fried Chicken
Season: Spring
Class: History
Teacher: Mrs. Todd
Vine: N/A

Lucas Eichelburger


The class of 2021’s third candidate, Lucas Eichelburger, is looking for a boo this cuffing season. For fun, his ideal date would be going to the cove, enoing, and having a picnic. For a more chill date, he would suggest hanging out at his house, probably playing some Fortnite. He’s looking for a girl that’s funny, pretty, honest, and light-hearted. Three movies he loves are Happy Gilmore, Hunger Games, and Finding Nemo. What a variety! On the first date, he would take his girl to Carrabba’s and probably eat some chicken. After school, Lucas likes to play lacrosse, do homework, and watch Netflix. If you like doing any of these things after school, Lucas would sure love for you to keep him company.

Color: Blue
Food: Pizza
Season: Summer/Fall
Class: P.E.
Teacher: Mr. Bringhurst
Vine: N/A


Isaiah Smith


And our final freshman and final bachelor for today is Isaiah Smith. Isaiah’s ideal date would be a beach date, where “…we could eat some seafood, cause seafood’s delicious. Preferably crab, cause crab’s the best. And then we could swim. In the ocean.” Isaiah definitely has a specific type though, cause he said “She [would be] like really really really hot, like supermodel hot, oh and she’s funny. Oh! And I want her to be foreign, like Hispanic or French.” Dang, good luck ladies. To impress his girl, he would splurge on her at Fleming’s Steakhouse for the first date. So fancy! If Isaiah was stranded on a desert island and could only bring three movies, he would bring Forrest Gump, The Bee Movie and “a romantic movie. Romance is good.” And if Isaiah could only eat one item for the rest of his life, he would choose Lucky Charms.

Color: Blue
Food: “Hotdogs, wait no seafood, I already said that.”
Season: Summer
Class: P.E.
Teacher: Mr. Swartz
Vine: “What the heck is a vine, OH, oh the one where the guy in the superman costume like turns around [indistinct mumbling]…”

So there you have it ladies. These men are just waiting for you to scoop them up, so give them a call, or send them a text, Kik, Oovoo, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or whatever your preferred method of communication is, and get yourself a man!


***Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.


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The 16 Most Eligible Bachelors at Farragut High School