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Seniors Reflect on High School

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Summer vacation is only a few weeks away as of the time of this article, and so far it feels like this year has flown by. It’s kind of weird to think that we’re already at the end of another year. What a ride it’s been for us all, and I’m certain it’s been quite an experience for the seniors. After all, they have spent the last four years of their lives in here, and a lot can happen in four years. In this article, I interviewed six of my senior classmates (who wish to remain anonymous) in a attempt to find out what their experiences were like in high school. These were the results:

How has school been going for you as of recently (the last few weeks)?The answers here ranged from “great and busy” to “I feel like I’m losing brain cells. They felt as if time had been slowed down at certain points and sped up at others, like some points are slightly enjoyable and others are just a slow drag until they’re finally out of college.” 

What is school like for you? What do you see it as?
With the exception of one interviewee, everyone seemed to be in agreement that school was mostly just a preparation for college and not seeing much use for outside of getting into those universities and leaving behind the last four years.

Do you plan on going to college? If so, do you feel anxious or scared about going to another school?
All six of the seniors I interviewed are going off to college (to where they did not specify), and while a few replied that they are worried how things will go, everyone is mostly excited for this experience.

Is there anything you love or hate about high school?
Most of the answers here can be summed up as “I hate school and love my friends.” It was either that or leaving school once it was over.

Is there anything you regret doing or not doing in your time here?
Most of the interviewees here regretted not making as many new friends or being as social as they wanted to be; a few of them wished they had committed to the sport they had been playing earlier in their high school careers. The responses were mostly based around being social.

What was the most significant thing that changed for you in your high school years, whether that be in school or out of school?
Only two of the answers consisted of learning important skills needed later in life, such as managing one’s time effectively, and the others were mostly changes in their body (height, weight, etc.).

What is something you wish had changed in your time here (whether that be something about yourself, about others, about the school, etc.)?
Answers in this section ranged from the cleanliness of the bathrooms to some taking time for themselves, physically and emotionally.

If you could describe your high school experience in one sentence, how would you?
Only two interviewees answered positively in this section, and even then they said they were more than ready to move on from it. Three of them were about how much time they’ve spent here and the other was the famous Forrest Gump quote: “Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get.”

(For the last three questions, I decided to include the full answer of everyone interviewed as I saw these as the most important questions asked in the interview).

What would you consider the lowest point in your last four years (Could be a specific event or a general time period)?
Interviewee 1: “Always high, never low.”
Interviewee 2: “Sophomore year – Sports sucked.”
Interviewee 3: “Breaking both of my legs (date unknown).”
Interviewee 4: “Junior year was pretty bad because of how tough (academically) it was. Also I kind of distanced myself from people.”
Interviewee 5: “The time I got in a car wreck in front of the whole school as a sophomore.”
Interviewee 6: “Junior year – Mentally and Academically”

What would you consider your highest point in your last four years?
Interviewee 1: “Became varsity captain (date unknown)
Interviewee 2: “Senior year was fun”
Interviewee 3: “Beating Maryville Scrub 8 – 0 (date unknown)”
Interviewee 4: “This week (4/22-4/28). I’m pretty much done with high school now.”
Interviewee 5: “Student of the month (date will remain anonymous).”
Interviewee 6: “Happy senior times.”

What advice would you want to give to any upcoming high school freshmen?
Interviewee 1: “Don’t wish time away”
Interviewee 2: “Get A’s, you need ‘em for college.”
Interviewee 3: “Listen to Buttermilk Gang on Soundcloud”
Interviewee 4: “Take school seriously because academics do matter. Don’t kill yourself with school work because relationships are important. High school does suck, but it’s only four years of your life.”
Interviewee 5: “Kill the game.”
Interviewee 6: “Work hard but don’t worry too much about it.”

Happy summer vacation everyone and let’s hope for the best for these up-and-coming college freshmen!

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