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Gut Moments by Senior Staff Members

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TN “Not” Ready by Eryn Hill

Over the course of the past four years in Farragut High School and surrounding high schools in the state of Tennessee, standardized testing has been a reoccurring issue that state advisory board members consistently struggle in finding a solution to. In 2018, the most recent implication of testing took place during the week of April 16th through April 20th. On Monday, April 16th students experienced the infamous computer crash that is historically known to happen based on the testing issues in past years. Simply put, the amount of students testing in Tennessee is always too much for the technology provided in public high schools to handle.

The group most affected by the testing problems would not be the students taking the tests because those students were thankful that their tests would be postponed, but the students who did not have to take the standardized tests. Students who fall into the category are already forced to change their schedules, but when computers crash and testing is postponed these students are mandated to abide by the schedule changes that come. The time changes in the school day schedule affect everything from arriving to work on time to determining rides home from parents or friends.

The TN Ready standardized testing board must settle these reappearing testing issues so that seniors can easily plan their day, because TN is obviously “NOT” Ready.

The Snowpocalypse of Sophomore Year by Sydney Rennich

No one could forget the two-week snow and ice storm that gave Farragut High School students a second winter break. Though the storms would not have hindered most schools, Knox County was not ready for the winter weather.

In a city that shuts down when it is rainy outside, the idea of almost a foot of snow left citizens helpless. The storm initially started with accumulations of snow that caused Farragut High School students to enjoy a week off. Come Friday, students were begrudgingly getting their backpacks together for a new week, but instead they were met with the only force of weather better at causing snow days than snow, freezing rain. The freezing rain covered roads, buildings, and power lines making one week turn into two very quickly. Not only could students not make it to school, but some could not even leave their homes. In some areas power was out for days. The students enduring these small discomforts were overjoyed by the extended leave of absence, and many argue, never felt that they had truly and mentally returned to school for the rest of the year. Teachers were not thrilled, but the seniors of Farragut High School will forever remember this Snowpocalypse.

A Day That Will Live in Infamy by Davis Luna

On the second of April in 2018, a national tragedy occurred. Terrald Jones, known mostly as his stage name “Terrio” passed away peacefully in his fishbowl. He was accompanied by his long time friend and companion, Chris, who has decided not to comment on the event. Cause of death was confirmed as a faulty swim bladder. FHS Anchor correspondent Ellie Jones was his caretaker after he joined the newspaper squadron in November of 2017. He was an orphan at the local Pet Supplies Plus, where Ellie adopted him. “He was free because no one would take him,” said Jones after being questioned about the adoption process. Terrio will be forever remembered for his ability to swim upside down for hours on end. His funeral commenced shortly after his death, where his corpse was placed in a roomy and comfortable yogurt cup. The world lost an amazing goldfish on that day, and the nation has been mourning since. Rest in peace, Terrio.

Solar Eclipse by Jackson Poindexter

Totality. The 2017 solar eclipse changed everyone’s life. It was so sick oh my god. All of Knox County is now more in tune with nature. We are all Native Americans, and therefore we are all cousins. The Moon was a full moon, and at the same time it covered the biggest star in our solar system, The Sun. As for the moon: it killed the game. It totally covered the whole sun. I don’t even know how because moons are so much smaller than suns. Whenever the moon was bigger than the sun, all the animals freaked out. I think they thought it was night or something. It was like dark and stuff.

The Best Newspaper Article Farragut Has Ever Seen by Davis Luna

The newspaper has always been a great read hidden in the dark. Despite its great content, students don’t want to read it. But fellow FHS Anchor correspondent Jackson Poindexter and I were set out to change that. We both knew that kids these days loved top ten lists, so we had to appeal to the masses. Embracing the meme, Jackson thought of the idea to write about the best hills in Farragut. The grind was on. Days upon days were spent in the office to write the article that would soon be in history books. The editing circle, headed by Ronni Ward and Ms. Toth, was critical at first, but Jackson and I both knew that haters were our motivators. With lots of convincing, Ms. Toth allowed us to publish this insane article in the newspaper. Everyone was pumped. With the article spreading from Snapchat stories and a small CNN shoutout, everyone had a laugh. It might have been the first time some Farragut students even picked up a copy of the FHS Anchor.

State Championship by Ben Hanson

Throughout the past four years we have shared many moments that made us closer, but none have connected us in quite a way as our 2016 football season. We came in to the season with low expectations because Farragut Football has never been known as much of a football powerhouse, but we surprised everyone by finishing the regular season with an impressive record of 9-1. Despite our dominant regular season, we were always regarded as the underdog, but in the playoffs, we had multiple dominant victories over South Doyle and McMinn County, while keeping us on the edge of our seats with a thrilling overtime win over Ooltewah. After an up and down season, we finally made it to the biggest stage, the 5A Tennessee State Championship. We faced the powerhouse from middle Tennessee, Independence High School, and in the first half it looked like the doubters were finally right because at the half, we were losing 35-14. Coach Courtney must have given the speech of his life because the Admirals caught fire and held Independence scoreless in the second half to complete the comeback win. Getting to watch this incredible season was a major bonding experience for the entire student body.

Farragut High School Bomb Threats by Ellie Jones & Abby Severns

Starting during the spring semester of the class of 2018’s sophomore year, a string of bomb threats occurred. The first threat happened on the Friday before spring break during fourth block. All students were immediately evacuated to the commons and chaos soon followed because Farragut faculty and security had never dealt with this sort of situation. The Knoxville Bomb Squad was brought in and all students were dismissed early for their safety. Nothing serious occurred as a result from this threat, but more threats came after this. For the following threats, students were evacuated to the football stadium, while other times we were put on lockdown for hours on end. All of the threats turned out to be fake, with the goal of getting dismissed from school early like the first threat. Thankfully, our school is still intact and no students were harmed from these events.

Farragut High School Twitter Pages by Ellie Jones & Abby Severns

During our four years at Farragut, multiple Twitter accounts were made. Some having malicious intents while others fought back with kindness. Such pages were accordingly titled “Gut Polls” and “FHS Kindness.” Almost every student with a Twitter page eagerly anticipated the daily tweets from these two pages. “Gut Polls” included polls in which students could vote on hateful topics directed at specific classmates. While this account was a form of cyberbullying, its harsh effects were counteracted by “FHS Kindness”. This account’s tweets were also directed at specific people, but they were meant to cheer up the students who had been affected by Gut Polls’ tweets. Fortunately, the “Gut Polls” page was taken down and now these two Twitter pages are just a part of our high school experience.

Flu Epidemic by Marissa Van Leuven

Although many of us hoped for a blanket of snow this winter season, we were rather greeted with speckles of germs in the air. This year, the flu ran its course but made a greater impact than ever before. Instead of snow days this year, Knox County was out for flu days due to the exponential numbers of staff and students with the bug. Noses were blown and bottles on bottles of hand sanitizer were used, but no cause seemed to prevail over this year’s flu epidemic.

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