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To Work or Not To Work in High School

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Working in high school is an exciting step for any student- you feel free and you have more responsibility. However, this also introduces some difficulties that may outweigh the awesome parts of being a high school worker.

High school jobs are usually portrayed as boring and annoying in films and on TV, but in reality these jobs can be fun and teach you a lot about the real world. The most obvious pro of having a job would be the paychecks, which give you newfound freedom and financial responsibility. Another plus would be the benefits you would receive from the store, it varies from workplace to workplace but employee discounts are usually quite great and some restaurants will allow employees to have free drinks or food. If you’re more of a social person, this pro may appeal to you, there is an opportunity to find new friends who you wouldn’t have met if you didn’t dive into the workforce.

Jobs aren’t always pleasant though. With your new responsibility, there are several cons to consider before you start applying. If you’re taking hard classes, you may need to think about the time you will have to complete assignments. Make sure you’re comfortable with the new time restraints and that your job won’t take time away from course work. Also, social events with friends could be limited due to working after school and during weekends; however, this problem could be solved if you gave specific days you could work, but this can turn some employers away. The last con to consider would be the amount of annoying customers you would have to put up with. If you have a low tolerance for annoying people or can’t handle being yelled at, retail and restaurant jobs probably aren’t for you. You might consider jobs like dog walking or babysitting.

It is not always easy or fun to work while being a student, but there is something empowering about having a new responsibility on your plate. If you’ve carefully weighed the pros and cons, I have a list of places that hire high school students in Farragut that you may consider applying to. Some places hiring include: Jimmy John’s, Mellow Mushroom, Target, and KARM. Working can help you figure out what life after high school holds and is strongly encouraged if the cons are outweighed by the pros.

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To Work or Not To Work in High School