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Hot Summer Jobs

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Life guarding

A popular summer job because of the hot temperatures is lifeguarding. Around Memorial Day, country clubs, neighborhoods, and fitness centers open their outdoor pools to the public. This causes a high demand in lifeguards for the summer months. The only two things that are needed to be a lifeguard are the ability to swim and a lifeguard certification. You can obtain a certification by taking a lifeguard training class, offered at our local YMCA and Fort Sanders Health & Fitness Club. Local lifeguard legend Abby Severns says, “I really like it because I can tan.” You can find opening lifeguard jobs in April at nearby pools.

Mowing Grass/Landscaping

This is a great job opportunity because you will be working for yourself. All you need is a lawn mower, some gas, and a set of legs. This can be done at your own time, and you can charge whatever amount you would like. If you have the skills and supplies, there are many additional services you can offer such as: weed-wacking, weed-eating, weed-picking, flower planting, weed-spraying, weed-removal, mulch-spreading, and grass-watering. “I enjoy mowing grass,” says Union of Grass Cutters and Waterers (UGCW) President Ben Hanson.


You often need a plug to be able to babysit. If you know a family who needs their kids to be watched, you’re halfway there. The moment you get your second family, the benefits and networking are endless. Much like the grass job, you are your own CEO. The payment is often considerably higher than other jobs because couples are desperate for alone time and this job is a large responsibility. “I have made cupcakes for the kids I babysat,” says FHS Anchor correspondent, Eryn Hill.

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Hot Summer Jobs