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TREAT YO SELF: Valentine’s Day Edition

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Valentine’s Day has come and passed, which means discount chocolate is coming! I set out on a mission before the fateful day came and bought three different heart-shaped boxes of chocolate to see which one was the best at its price point (I purchased the boxes of chocolate at Target, so pricing may vary in different stores). My friend helped me with this process in order to keep any bias to a minimum, following are our thoughts on the different collections.

The cheapest pick is Whitman’s Sampling Collection, priced at $4.99. It had no tasting guide, like the other two boxes had, which was disappointing and also quite dangerous since we had no idea what we were biting into. Unfortunately, the flavors contained in the box weren’t that great either, they were too muted or too rich; the caramel just felt like a chewy substance and the toffee tasted so much of salt that Ronni and I had to spit it out. All around the Whitman’s Sampling Collection was a fail this Valentine’s Day, especially at its price point, and should be skipped over when selecting a box of chocolate.

The middle priced option was Russell Stover at $12.99. The chocolates are nice to bite into and are encased in soft chocolate; however, some of the flavors were too artificial, mostly the fruit flavored chocolates. This box did have a pamphlet with the chocolates contained, which also showed where they were within the box. Russell Stover did a nice job with the chosen chocolates, but should have skipped the fruit flavors and stuck to caramel and peanut tastes. This would be a nice box to give to anyone and has a good assortment.

The high end brand chosen is Godiva, priced at $19.99. There is a serious richness to all the chocolates, so only two or three could be consumed at a time before a sugar high threatened to come. None of the flavors were artificial tasting, we could definitely tell what taste they were going for as soon as we bit into it. In this box, there was a huge variety of flavors and it also had a few of the same to share with friends. Written on the back of the box are the names of the chocolates with a short description of what is in the chocolate itself; however, it does not tell where they are located in the box, so it’s a guessing game to find the one you want. Godiva obviously picked their chocolates carefully, and they did a great job.

After some discussion, my friend and I decided the winner of this competition is Godiva. It is definitely worth the price and with the variety it contains will keep you happy with the wide range of flavors. Every bite has a new and exciting taste. Treat yo self to Godiva’s Valentine’s Day chocolate sampler


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TREAT YO SELF: Valentine’s Day Edition