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Tradition Or Future?

Real Vs. Fake Christmas Trees

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During the holiday season a popular decoration is the evergreen tree. The live trees are imported or harvested in each state and purchased throughout the month of December. However, another option has been growing in popularity since it was introduced in the 19th century: the fake tree.

Invented in Germany to combat deforestation, it has seen many different materials used as well as many variations. Some modern day fake trees are almost impossible to tell from a distance though, and there are a lot of advantages to these trees. Fake trees do not leave behind the bristles that real evergreens litter around, which can be a hassle to clean. They also have almost unlimited longevity, which offsets the large cost of buying real trees every winter, especially in areas were evergreens can not be locally grown. Some fake trees are even able to retain decorations from previous years, saving much of the time needed to painstakingly balance the decorations.

It may seem as though fake trees have real trees knocked out of the competition, but there is one aspect of real trees that draws people back every year. Real trees have been imbedded within many people’s cherished holiday traditions. Many people are iron-clad on never switching to fake trees, and are strongly against the institution of fake trees. The feel of a real tree and the idea of it makes it a real competitor against fake trees.

Almost all modern fake trees are made of very strong plastic. They are very well colored to be realistic. Scented candles or hangars can be bought to fill the room with real tree’s fragrance as well, so advocates argue that one can not even tell the difference.

The American Christmas Tree Association’s survey estimated that around 81% of trees this year are fake. As tree prices rise, fake trees become ever-more appealing. This holiday season, every celebrator has a choice: the tradition, or the future.

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Tradition Or Future?