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Artist of the Month: Grace Favier

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Grace Favier is a senior here at Farragut High School, and is a very active member of the art community. She has taken Printmaking, AP Studio Art, Drawing (twice), and is currently enrolled in her second round of Printmaking as well as Honors Art. Next semester she will also be taking AP Studio Art for the second time. In addition, she is the Vice President of the National Art Honors Society.

Favier has been a member of NAHS since her sophomore year and was the gallery director before moving up to the position of Vice President this year. She specifically highlighted one of the club’s largest service projects of the year: Empty Bowls. “We make [around] 200 [clay] bowls and sell them to people who come to Einstein bagels. We serve soup, and everyone gets to pick out a bowl. All of the money we raise from that goes to a food pantry,” Favier explained. She also said that this year they were trying to get better advertising for the shows that they put on at the school.

Favier’s favorite mediums to work in are printmaking and drawing. She specifically enjoys a printmaking technique called drypoint and the copper-plastic process of etching. Her favorite piece that she’s done is currently on display at the Knoxville Museum of Art. “It’s a mixed media piece [made out of] an old pad of paper that’s glued on all four sides, so you can’t separate the pages, and I cut into it. I took out some of the papers, so it goes in, and it’s got photographs, and just a lot of layers,” Favier said.

She also loves to incorporate lines and rhythm into her pieces. She said, “Things comparable to wavelengths or water ripples, with repetition, are really appealing to me.”

Favier’s art career won’t end here. She’s been accepted to the University of Tennessee and plans to major in art there then take her artistic prowess into culinary school. She would like to “bring art into food” through things like plating.

Favier loves to make art for a couple reasons. She thought she aligned with many other artists in her opinion that she “feel[s] like we have to create as humans to express feelings that we can’t really otherwise.” She also said she enjoys making art “just for art’s sake.”

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Artist of the Month: Grace Favier