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How Hard is it to Become an NFL Cheerleader?

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I recently took a trip with DECA to Nissan Stadium in Nashville, home of the Tennessee Titans. On this trip, I was educated about the daily logistics of running a stadium, but what I found most interesting was the cheerleading and mascot system. Along with having experience in performing, the mascot coordinator and each cheerleader must go through a rigorous process to get their positions. You may ask, why somebody would want to be an NFL Cheerleader? I was told by the staff of Nissan Stadium that the Tennessee Titans’s cheerleaders consider it a privilege, and they come back every year because they love performing.

To become an NFL Cheerleader you have to go through a tryout process. A tour guide explained to us that each cheerleader must prove themselves physically by taking a mandatory test including push ups, sit ups, and running a mile in less than 12 minutes. They must also take a test in which they prove their knowledge of football, the Tennessee Titans, and the members of the coaching staff and team. This is followed by a true tryout performance.

The squad practices everyday, but generally have day jobs as a main source of income. On game days, the cheerleaders’ day begins before sunrise. They begin their day by warming up on site, then going to get their makeup done by the team’s personal makeup team. Next, they proceed to participate in pre-game events. This includes interacting with fans and performing. Of course their day ends with the football game performance. Then it is back to practicing for the next week’s game.

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How Hard is it to Become an NFL Cheerleader?