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Froggy Fresh: Froggy Fake or Froggy Fenomenon?

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Froggy Fresh has become increasingly popular throughout the past five years since the 2012 release of his hit song, “The Baddest.” His quirky behavior and hyperbolic lyrics leads some to believe he’s a fake and others believe he’s completely feeble-minded but serious. With the help of private investigator, Coyote Peterson, we will delve deeper into the real Froggy Fresh.

Now exactly who is Froggy Fresh? He is an internet sensation, best known for his raps such as “The Baddest”, “Mike’s Mom”, and “ER.” When “The Baddest” came out in 2012, it was instantly popular. Froggy gained so much attention that he was interviewed by Daniel Tosh for the Comedy Central show, Tosh.0. This line from “The Baddest”: “I have 400 houses and 400 mouses” shows that he either doesn’t know proper grammar or is being funny. Some believe many of Froggy Fresh’s videos seem to portray him as a goofy, slow-witted southern rapper. However, others suppose that Froggy Fresh is just a character created to acquire a fandom. Both of these theories are highly possible, but to find out we must glance at the man behind Froggy Fresh.

Froggy Fresh’s real name is Tyler Cassidy and he is 28 years old. Although he seems to have a southern accent in his music videos, Cassidy is actually from Burton, Michigan. This is the first red flag that Froggy may be a “foney.” The lyrics to most of his songs are very childish and elementary.  However, this is countered with the fact that Tyler Cassidy graduated from Bendle High School at the top of his class with a 3.95 GPA. Froggy Fresh now seems to be just of a character put on by Cassidy to gain fame.

Before you get angry about Froggy Fresh being a fraud, I have one more thing to point out. In my research, I found that Tyler Cassidy has a separate YouTube channel, dedicated to more serious and decent-sounding raps. After listening to Tyler Cassidy’s songs, my theory is that he knew he would struggle as a young rapper, so he came up with Froggy Fresh in order to get his name out there. This is a genius move by Cassidy.

As I’ve watched his videos progress throughout the years, I’ve noticed that his lyrics and content have gotten better. I believe now that Cassidy has a fan base, he is beginning his transition from the foolish Froggy Fresh to the genuine Tyler Cassidy. Although it appears Froggy Fresh is just an act, I’m still a fan of Cassidy’s work and I support him in the long run. All this evidence leads me to believe it’s a hoax, but a few links are listed below for you to come to your own conclusion.

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Froggy Fresh: Froggy Fake or Froggy Fenomenon?