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Bigfoot or Big Hoax?

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Somewhere in the lumber of East Tennessee, a legend supposedly lives. Towering over 6 feet tall, weighing somewhere between 400 to 900 pounds, and bearing a footprint of 12 to 22 inches long, he roams unconfined and free. Seldom seen, this is the intangible Sasquatch.

With over 90 sightings, Tennessee ranks number 15 in the list of states with the most recorded accounts of the elusive Bigfoot. However, are these reports legitimate? Could there really be such a thing as a skunk ape, so very close to home? The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization provides nearly 100 official statements, some less than 100 miles from our cozy Farragut, Tennessee.

The most recent report was only four years ago on a sunny April morning. The sighting was at dawn in Tullahoma, a two hour drive from Farragut. The witness lived in an immensely wooded area and as he pulled out to go to work a large, dark haired creature presented himself, the witness claims it was cone-headed. In the same neighbourhood, there were reports of what was assumed to be a large bear and a concerned mother even announced her son had seen what he called a “big gorilla” in their backyard. A brief investigation ensued and over half of the residents admitted to hearing strange howling noises in the night, some voiced they’d also experienced what smelt like wet dog mixed with mildew. This report is Class A, and contains impeccable credibility.

Thirty minutes from Knox County, there was another account along the border of Andersonville. On March 3, 2012, two campers, identifying as Josh and Clay, recall a strange experience in the Appalachian Mountains. It was a quiet night, Josh claims to have heard footsteps the whole night which they dismissed as a deer. However as they stood to leave the footsteps grew gradually louder. “We knew if it was a deer we would have scared it away by then” said Clay. Josh, avid watcher of Finding Bigfoot, experimented by knocking on nearby wood, there was an almost immediate response back. Undeniably frightened, they hurried to get home, and at that time yet another knock resonated. Josh replied with a ‘whooping’ sound replicating what’s frequently claimed to be a Bigfoot call. Clay later recounted, “We heard this growl, it was guttural and primate like. It was like a monkey whooping and a deep snarl at the same time.” While neither Clay nor Josh saw the Bigfoot, their descriptions accurately depict typical Sasquatch behavior.

These are only the latest reports, and there are plenty more dating back as far as the 70s. There is no solid evidence of the notorious Sasquatch, some (Ronnie T.E.E. Ward exclusively) even regard Bigfoot’s entire existence as counterfeit. However, every urban legend has to start somewhere, and all the best fables have at least a hint of truth within them. So which is it, monster or mystery?

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Bigfoot or Big Hoax?