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Musicians at Farragut High School: Blue Harbor

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Many may not realize that Farragut High School is a hub for some very talented musicians. In this article, I will be sitting down with some of the most talented among these creative spirits, and asking them about their music style, the instruments they play, and their experiences in the music scene.

In this edition, I sat down with Emily Lin of the Farragut band, Blue Harbor. The entire band is made up of the three sisters: Emily, Abby, and Katie Lin. Sophomores, Emily and Abby are twins, while Katie is a junior. I asked Emily some further questions about the band and their experiences in the music life.

The Lins have always enjoyed playing music together, but Emily said that they have not always been an official band. She says they have been a band since January and will continue to play together for audiences. Emily plays a wide variety of instruments including the violin, mandolin, upright bass, and bass guitar. Abby plays mainly the guitar but plays other instruments if needed. The last Lin sister, Katie, plays piano and sings for the group. I asked Emily what the group enjoys playing most, and she said Christian contemporary music. However, they also play covers of popular artists such as Ed Sheeran and Otis Redding.

I moved the subject over to gigs and playing live shows. Emily said that they mostly play at churches which makes sense, since their favorite genre to play is Christian. They have also played at Farragut open mics and Farragut World Culture Night. They are now planning on playing at Open Chord. They also plan on playing the Farragut open mic next semester.

Blue Harbor is a very talented group, and I look forward to seeing them play again. It was a pleasure to sit down with Emily and get her insight on music and playing.  Catch them at local churches, open mic nights, and soon at Open Chord.

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Musicians at Farragut High School: Blue Harbor