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Musicians of Farragut High School: Will Thorley

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Left to right: Will Thorley, Sam Liske, Hollie Sikes, Zach Collins

Many may not realize that Farragut High School is a hub for some very talented musicians. In this article, I will be sitting down with some of the most talented among these creative spirits, and asking them about their music style, the instruments they play, and their experiences in the music scene.

For this edition, I interviewed Will Thorley, a junior, and got to know a little bit more about his personal interests in music. Thorley mainly plays a psychedelic, blue and gray Fender Stratocaster, which is a kind of guitar for those of you who do not know. Overall, he said he has been playing for around three years without taking any lessons. He also plays piano and dabbles in the drums. He likes to play along with alternative or indie-rock artists such as Mac Demarco.

Thorley is currently in a band, The Ivory Kites, with two other members: Hollie Sikes and Zach Collins. The band writes songs, and also covers some popular artists such as Coldplay. I asked him if he has ever played for an audience, and he said that the Ivory Kites have played at open mic nights in venues such as the Open Chord and the Ferguson Theater at FHS. Their most recent gig was at a wedding venue that their lead singer, Hollie Sikes, works. There was a market festival that Thorley said not a lot of people attended, but it was still good for exposure.

I also asked him if he was playing at the October 6th Open Mic Night at Farragut. He said that he wanted to; however, the other Kites could not. When I heard this bit of news I asked him if he would like to play with me and Daniel Zetterberg for a song. Thorley agreed excitedly.

It was a pleasure to interview Thorley, as he is a very talented musician, and I hope to see him do great things with his music in the future.

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Musicians of Farragut High School: Will Thorley