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Farra-ghost High School

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Have you seen something strange in your neighbourhood? Ghosts, spirits, and spooks are all part of the fun of Halloween, but are they the real deal or just a holiday fable? Rumor has it Farragut High School has it’s own bone-chilling poltergeist.

After asking teachers and students alike a pattern began to develop around the phantom’s existence. The spirit is widely acknowledged to be a woman, bearing long, dark hair. She’s been seen on occasion passing through the halls and commons, Edna Owsley, a custodian and most notable witness, claims she’s even been caught on camera.

“We do have a ghost in the commons, a female. She’s back in the 18th century, the way she’s dressed.” Owsley said, “She floats through there, right in front of the orange wing, and disappears. This was a battle field, anything can be.”

As it turns out, Farragut High School truly was a battle site in the early 1800s, during the Civil War. On a rainy November 16th Ambrose Burnside, a Union army general, attacked a 5,000 cavalry of the Confederate Army of Tennessee. The result was a Union victory with 400 casualties in their favor, and 570 for the Confederates. It’s exceedingly possible the apparition is related to the 970 expiries of war, which took place in the same setting she roams today.

With such a high possibility of a genuine haunting it’s easy to be startled. Rest assured the ghost is believed to be harmless: “She’s peaceful.” Owsley voiced, “I’ve been here seventeen years and I’ve been spooked but that’s about it.”

Still skeptical? Very well, but next time you feel a chill down your spine or hear a creak in the floor remember not all questions can be answered, and not everything can be explained. With such a range of uncertainty, who’s to say what can or cannot be? Do you believe in ghosts?

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