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Artist of the Month: Rose Trivedi

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Senior Rose Trivedi is a wonderful addition to the art community at Farragut. She has taken Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, and is currently enrolled in Honors Art. She will be taking AP Studio Art and Painting for a second time next semester and is a current Co-President of the National Art Honor Society. You may have also seen her work featured in the school art gallery.

Trivedi moved to Tennessee from New Jersey her tenth grade year. She was apart of the art department at her old school as well. She explained, “I was in an honors [art] class there, and the art club [as well], but it wasn’t as formal as NAHS is here.” Trivedi has loved her time in NAHS, especially the art-oriented volunteer work. She really enjoys that “you can help people but also do something you love.”

Trivedi’s favorite mediums to work with are paint and pen. She said, “I like using paint because it’s so freeing, but, for pen, it’s really awesome because you get to do a bunch of detail. [They both also] train you to be very permanent in what you do.” One of her favorite pieces she’s made is a self-portrait that she created out of a collage of magazine pieces. She’s currently working on a “conceal reveal piece” where she’s placed a picture of herself in a bathtub inside the landscape of a forest. “It’s really strange, but it has this really fun meaning to consider; it being so dark. It’s just interesting,” Trivedi elaborated.

In the future, Trivedi hopes to use her artistic talents in the field of industrial design. She said, “It’s the art side of engineering which is really nice because it’s a functional job, but I get to do something that I really like.”

Art has had a strong impact on Trivedi’s life. One of the things she loves is the wonderful community creating art has given her. She said, “There’s a lot of other people who make art, so you already have something in common with them. It’s a really nice way to make friends.”

She also said that art has given her an outlet to cope with her problems. “You can either immerse yourself in [a problem] by putting [it] in a piece, or you can use [art] as a distraction, so it gives you multiple coping methods in one,” she explained. Art has also been with Trivedi through her many different homes, having moved a fair number of times in her life. She said, “I’ve moved a lot, and I’ve drawn throughout all of that. I’ve drawn my car rides and everything, so it’s [been] a way for me to [transition from one place to another].”

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Artist of the Month: Rose Trivedi