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Admiral Outlet: Here for All Your School Needs

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If you don’t know anything about our Admiral Outlet here is everything you need to know. From what’s inside to all of the prices.

The Admiral Outlet provides t-shirts, bags, cups, keychains and even socks. They have many different shirts such as tank tops and short sleeve t-shirts. They supply bags that are the perfect size for all your game day necessities. They also supply all your school needs including: pencils, rulers, erasers, notebooks, paper, and even goggles for labs. The shirts they sell have different logos on them such as a Farragut basketball tank that has a basketball in the center of it, shirts that say FHS class of 2019, and shirts that say Farragut High School with an anchor in the middle. These shirts come in gray, navy blue and white.

The store makes all the prices very affordable for every student. All t-shirts including tank tops, cost $10.00. Water bottles, no matter the color or size, cost $3.00. Any car accessories range from $1 to $5. Sunglasses are $2. Draw-string bags are $5. Something special about the Admiral Outlet is that they have a Snapchat so you can add them and see all the latest updates and sales. When you walk past the store, they have a paper taped on the glass with their Snapchat code on it. They also have parents and students working in the outlet to help with your purchases. The students will sometimes walk around the lunch room sponsoring the outlet by wearing some of their gear. They push around a cart with items on it so you can buy items from your lunch table. When you wear their items you are sponsoring and helping them make sales.

You should go visit the Admiral Outlet because it provides everything you need from clothing for games to school supplies.

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Admiral Outlet: Here for All Your School Needs