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Adulting Through the Eyes of Arden Rose: Spoilers Ahead

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Adulting isn’t easy. I wouldn’t know personally because I’m merely a 17 year old. But to many becoming an adult is a big deal. You get more freedoms, harder classes, and inevitable responsibilities. The concept of “adulting” is simple. You become 18, and bam, you’re adulting without even realizing it. Almost Adulting: All You Need to Know to Get it Together (Sort Of) by Arden Rose is definitely one for the books. This delicate and enchanting life advice book tells you all the tips and tricks you need to know when entering adulthood, no matter the situation. Whether it’s creating the perfect apartment, online dating and socializing, or even understanding mental illness, Arden’s got you covered.

If you don’t already know, Arden Rose is a well-known budding YouTuber who wanted to pursue her career by packing her stuff, leaving her hometown in Arkansas, and moving to Hollywood. Not a lot of people treated her kindly, so to her the internet was a place where she felt safe and online conversations made relationships easier. But even though she’s fairly extroverted, she is a huge fan of alone time, as are most of us. And when you’re a fan of alone time like she is, you make sure you’re space of zen is well decluttered. Knowing and caring for your body (as well as paying parking tickets) is a top priority when it comes to the author. Arden inscribed, “We need to start teaching young girls how to listen to their own bodies,” in her chapter of body confidence and personal needs.

Her writings start from the beginning, when you’re younger and more naive and you see an adult three times your age and think about how much bigger and smarter they look. And of course it’s intimidating, especially if it’s your parents you’re literally looking up to. But ultimately, all those doubts of becoming an adult subside year by year and you start to feel confident that you can take on adulthood as well as the next guy.

According to Arden, acquiring the responsibilities of an adult means you have to obtain only three things in order to survive: toilet paper, trash bags, and the knowledge of both a dishwasher and a washing machine. All of these things are certainly necessities but what’s truly essential is taking care of yourself, mind and body. Educating yourself on what diet works for you is the way to go. If you want to eat two bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, go right ahead. But not all health is physical. You should take care of your mind by having openness to numerous ideas, thoughts, and activities.

In the last few pages of her book, Arden certainly made it clear that everyone is living a different life. No one should feel guilty about how they feel nor should they hide it. “Don’t listen to the little voice in your head saying that you’re not worthy of happiness,” Arden insists.

What I’ve learned is that being an adult is actually what it’s made out to be. You really do have to schedule your own doctor’s appointments, go grocery shopping, and pay for rent – without your parents! To some, hearing that list sounds like marvelous freedoms. But for others, like me, I’m enjoying my time living at home without so much responsibility.


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Adulting Through the Eyes of Arden Rose: Spoilers Ahead