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The Quest for Queso

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Consumers of Tex-Mex foods often have a bias on which restaurant is their favorite. One contributing factor is the presence of queso, a cheese sauce that emulsifies the taste buds with pure cheesy goodness. Chipotle has been weak in this area since their beginning, but that has come to an end, and Chipotle has joined the queso club. Will Chipotle be the new cheesy hot spot? We decided to put this to the test, and we began our queso quest.

We went to Chipotle first to taste of the “new kid on the block”, and to see what we have been patiently waiting for. With the long awaited arrival, We were very excited and had high hopes for the sauce, but we were first surprised with the appearance. It’s bright orange color is hard to miss, and when the employee scooped the sauce in the container, we noticed how thick and gloppy it was. We were not immediately repelled by the physical appearance, but we were disappointed upon the first bite. While the peppery after taste was splendid the rest was awfully bland. This queso also lacked the cheesy flavor essential for a CHEESE dip. What was the most shocking overall was the texture. We were expecting the creamy texture that is associated with cheese sauce, but Chipotle’s was gritty and unappealing.

We went to check out what Chipotle was up against, so we headed to Moe’s and Salsarita’s to taste what the new queso would be compared to. Right away we noticed both of these restaraunts have the white and velvety queso that is pretty standard. When the cheese hits your tongue, it is a flavorful experience that exceeds the standards of fast food queso. The jalapeno flavor gave a prominent appearence, but was not too spicy. The perfect amount of heat was not all this queso had to offer, unlike the Chipotle queso, the cheese flavor was still present and delightful.

While Chipotle’s ingredients for the queso are more natural and healthier than competitors, it was not worth the wait. If you’re looking to pay a little extra for a cheesy experience, put that money towards the quesoes that have been there from the beginning.


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The Quest for Queso