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Artist of the Month: October

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Emily Anderson is a junior here at Farragut. She is currently enrolled in Honors Art, and has taken Art I, Drawing, and Sculpture. In her freshman year, her work won second place in a contest at the Tennessee Valley Fair, and she is the secretary of the National Art Honor Society.

Anderson said that NAHS has been a wonderful experience for her. The teachers are highly supportive and pushed her to become secretary, and she has met lots of great people through the club. She also said that being apart of NAHS has opened her up more to the community and given her the opportunity to volunteer. “I’ve always wanted to do [volunteer work], but I haven’t known how to get involved, so [NAHS] has been a really helpful outlet,” Anderson explained.

Anderson would describe her art style as realistic, but with lots of elements of surrealism. She enjoys implementing distortion into her work, and also likes to use contrast. She would also say she’s influenced by Van Gogh. Anderson’s favorite piece that she’s made depicts a girl ripping herself out of a guitar, pulling the strings away from her face. It started as a quick sketch during a class, but it evolved from there. She said, “It just randomly came to me, the idea of it, when I was sitting in class […] then I started connecting the dots of what I wanted it to mean, and where I was at the time really shows through the color choices.”

Anderson said that her pieces have been mostly multimedia recently, but she really loves oil pastels, chalk pastels, and charcoals. Anderson said, “I love anything that’s really tactile, like oil pastels, and stuff that gets all over you because I think that part of the art is the mess you make while creating it.”

In addition to making art, Anderson enjoys going to art museums in the area to look at local artists’ work. She’s also been to a Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Moving forward into the future, Anderson said she would love to do commissioned work, and dreams of possibly owning her own gallery.

Anderson loves creating art for many reasons. She explained, “It’s an outlet in terms of emotion, and it also makes me feel at home and gives me a place to express myself. I feel comfortable in whatever I create. We moved when I was in 7th grade, and I never really felt at home with our new house, but, both before I moved and when I’m here, I always feel at home whenever I’m drawing. It’s like a portable little home.”

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Artist of the Month: October