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Hurricane Jose Returns

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The months of August and September 2017 have seen three major hurricanes on the Atlantic coast of the United States. Among these hurricanes were Hurricane Harvey, which hit Houston, Texas, and Hurricane Irma, which swiped up the West coast of Florida, while expanding across most of the Southern United States. The last hurricane of the three to form is Hurricane Jose, which has unusual characteristics.

Hurricane Jose formed in the wake of Hurricane Irma, and on Wendsday, September 6, 2017, it strengthened from a Tropical Storm into a Category 1 Hurricane. It’s wind speed then held between the 74-110 mph range until September 8, when it’s wind speed reached above 110 mph. Over the weekend the hurricane rose to a Category 4, however the models produced by NOAA, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, predict the hurricane pushing North, avoiding most Carribbean islands and the US mainland on Tuesday. Then, on Wendsday the hurricane continued to create odd courses and distort predictions, as one possible path might bring it back around and hit the Bahamas. As the week progressed, this path became highly unlikely and it was predicted to move North, possibly hitting New Jersey after forming back into a full hurricane again.

Currently, Hurricane Jose of 2017 has not caused the same widespread damage that came with other hurricanes this season such as Katia, Harvey, and Irma. However, Hurricane Jose of 1999 caused a little more damage than hurricane Jose of 2017, as it hit Puerto Rico and Bermuda as a Category 1 hurricane before dissipating soon after. It had one fatality and 12 injuries, but was not destructive enough for the name to be retired, hence the return of Hurricane Jose.

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Hurricane Jose Returns