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How the FHS Anchor Podcast Got Its Start

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On September 4th, Farragut seniors Greyson Baranowsky and Josh King made school history. They posted a Farragut High School-themed podcast, talking about different school subjects and events happening around the world.

Greyson and Josh have been contemplating the idea of starting a school podcast ever since their Sophomore year.  “I kind of had the idea to do a podcast for Farragut Football, but it just kind of never went anywhere,” said Josh. “First it was kind of a joke, but the more we started talking about creating concepts, the more feasible it sounded,” he added. Greyson and Josh run the operation with just a simple Blue Yeti mic and GarageBand. “GarageBand makes the audio more crisp and clear for us,” said Greyson.

The Farragut seniors want to make a more conversational and laid-back style of podcast, so they don’t use a formally structured script. “We have a layout of topics, and then we just say what’s on our minds; It’s pretty spontaneous,” said Greyson. “We sit in our first block together and come up with topics that have sprung up during the week,” added Josh.

As well as topics and updates about the school, they also wanted to feature special guests on their podcast. The latest podcast, released on September 18th, features Farragut’s Senior class president, Michael Boling. I asked Josh and Greyson if I could get a sneak peek of their future podcast guests. “Mr. Siebe said that he would come on at some point to talk about what’s going on at the school,” said Josh. “Originally, when I brought up the podcast idea to Greyson, we were joking about people we could have on, and we joked about Real Replayy coming on the show,” he added. “We followed him on twitter, but I don’t think he ever followed back,” said Greyson. Greyson and Josh have encouraged their audience to contact them if they had a topic to talk about or if they wanted to come on the show. “We try our best to get every big school topic on the show, but sometimes one can slip by,” said Josh.

You can find the podcasts on iTunes by searching “FHS Anchor Podcast.” Josh and Greyson post episodes weekly. You can follow them on Twitter @anchorpodcast or on Instagram @fhsanchorpodcast for updates and information on the podcast.

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  1. Julie Wu on March 2nd, 2018 11:37 am

    FHS alum and former Anchor writer, excited to check this podcast out!


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How the FHS Anchor Podcast Got Its Start