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Eddie Holiday’s Road to Success!!

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The first reason that Eddie Holiday wanted to open his first Chick-fil-A  was to make a profit to support his family and give them the life that they deserve. When he first opened, he wanted to make sure that the people he hired were hardworkers and would make the most out of anything that they come into contact. He also wanted a safe place for young people to come and work or hang out with friends and do homework. Holiday told me this story back when he was in college; this little girl came into his work place and asked, “how do you know that this is for you?” He told her that he always wanted to work in the public. So a month later he opened his first Chick-fil-A. He had a moto: ” If you take care of people you love, the people who love you will take of you. Make the people happy, make them feel welcomed, know their values and purposes and that lines up with God.”

The workers he chose were from past experiences or he knew that they were going to be a hard worker. One of the mangers that worked for him for 4 years didn’t want to leave because he treated her so well.  Holiday wants to impact the community and his guests. He told me, “If you don’t have trust in God, you don’t have trust in anything else.”

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Eddie Holiday’s Road to Success!!