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Musicians of Farragut High School: Sam Stephenson

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Many may not realize that Farragut High School is a hub for some very talented musicians. In this article series, I will be sitting down with some of the most talented among these creative spirits, and asking them about their music style, the instruments they play, and their experiences in the music scene. For this edition, I interviewed Sam Stephenson, a senior, and asked him some juicy questions about his personal interests in music.

Sam shreds a red Gibson SG, which is a wickedly cool guitar for those of you who haven’t seen or heard of one. He’s been playing for an impressive nine years, and his favorite kind of music to play is heavy metal, even though it is not his favorite genre to listen to. He plays along with the band Avenged Sevenfold and many others along the lines of Metallica and Rage Against the Machine. I asked Stephenson if he has taken lessons, and he said that he took lessons for five or six years with a private instructor named Dave. Since he has been playing for so long, I asked him if he has ever played for an audience. Sam said he used to play recitals when he was taking lessons. He has not, however, played with a group, but he has jammed with other musicians such as myself and my band, StarFish Prime. I asked if he would be willing to play at Open Mic night and he said that he would if there were others on stage with him. Otherwise, he will try to make it if he does not have work.

It was a pleasure to hear Sam’s stories, and I hope to see him on stage someday as he is very talented.

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Musicians of Farragut High School: Sam Stephenson