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Movies Through the Months

Olivia Campbell, Expert Movie Reviewer

Olivia Campbell, Expert Movie Reviewer

Olivia Campbell, Expert Movie Reviewer

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Edited by Emma Thompson (student editor) and Elizabeth Toth (adviser)

January: Merlin

Merlin is about a boy with magical powers during medieval times. Merlin uses his powers for the good of the city and to protect his best friend, King Arthur. It is actually a TV show but still one of Olivia’s favorites! “Merlin and Arthur are great and show a story about best friends…they are my best friends.” -Olivia

Olivia’s likes: Merlin, Arthur, magic

Olivia’s dislikes: Arthur’s mom, the dragon, mean villagers

Olivia’s overall rating: 10/10           


February: Pete’s Dragon and Big Hero 6

Pete’s Dragon is about a boy who lives in the woods with his best friend,

Elliot the dragon.  Pete finds people to live with in the nearby village, but people are afraid of Elliot and want to harm him, so Pete and his friends go on adventures to try to save Elliot. “The dragon and Pete are best friends and save the town.” -Olivia

Olivia’s likes: Pete, Grace, Natalie, Elliot

Olivia’s dislikes: Jack, mean rangers

Olivia’s overall rating: 9/10


Big Hero 6 is about a group of inventors led by Hiro and his robot Baymax who try to take down an evil mastermind who took Hiro’s invention. “The bad guy is really bad but the robots are good!” -Olivia

Olivia’s likes: the good guys, the plot twist at the end

Olivia’s dislikes: scary mystery guy, scary actions

Olivia’s overall rating: 10/10


March: Epic and Brave

Epic is about a girl named Mary Katherine, or “MK”, who finds a group of tiny human soldiers called Leafmen in the woods. She joins their forces to defeat evil forces in the woods. “The little people are good. My dad should see it!” -Olivia

Olivia’s likes: “little people”, magic, Mary, Ozzy the dog

Olivia’s dislikes: bad people, Dadga’s death

Olivia’s overall rating: 9.5/10


Brave is about a nonconformist Scottish princess who accidentally

turns her mom into a bear and spends the movie trying to change her back. Merida learns valuable lessons of being careful what you wish for and that parents are just trying to do what is best for their kids. “Merida is great at shooting arrows. She is like Natalie!” – Olivia

Olivia’s likes: Merida’s hair, Scottish accents, Merida’s dad

Olivia’s dislikes: Merida’s mom as a bear, the evil witch

Olivia’s overall rating: 10/10


April: Meet The Robinsons and Beauty and The Beast

Meet the Robinsons is about a boy named Lewis who gets taken to the future by another boy, Wilbur, to take down “The Bowler Hat guy.” During their adventures Lewis learns many things about his heritage and future. “Lewis is smart and goes to the future.” -Olivia

Olivia’s likes: the future, the cars, Lewis, Wilbur, the plot twist

Olivia’s dislikes: nothing

Olivia’s overall rating: 10/10


The new Beauty and The Beast movie is a rendition of the classic 1991 film. It tells the same story with added songs and a few more plot points. “I love Belle and have seen it many times with my family.” -Olivia

Olivia’s likes: Belle, her clothes, the Beast, Chip

Olivia’s dislikes: Gaston, wolves, scary mansion

Olivia’s overall rating: 11/10


May: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies are based on the journal series about a boy named Greg. Greg deals with things like middle school, annoying parents, and a mean older brother named Roderick.

Olivia’s likes: Greg, funny parents

Olivia’s dislikes: Roderick, mean friends

Olivia’s Overall Rating: 8/10


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3 Responses to “Movies Through the Months”

  1. Natalie Campbell on May 11th, 2017 5:20 pm

    Olivia you are a star journalist!! I love reading your movie reviews. Very well thought about and written! Great job!!!


  2. Brandy K on May 12th, 2017 12:53 pm

    Olivia, thank you for the excellent reviews! I’ve got to see Beauty and the Beast as soon as possible!


  3. Alahnah Ligon on October 19th, 2017 6:58 am

    Artistic and informative reviews. Great work! Now I have to go watch Beauty and the Beast! Thank you, Olivia, for your awesome movie reviews.


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