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A Punofficial Guide To Making Jokes: Three Steps To Comedy Genius

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Some must be written and planned out days ahead of time. Others are spit out in the spur of the moment. The art form that is a pun is actually fairly simple to keep up with after it’s picked up. It only takes a bit of practice.


  1. Consult The Internet

The best way to start making puns is to check the internet. It seems like cheating, which I normally wouldn’t condone, but it’s quite simply the easiest way to have jokes on hand for later.

Whenever you have free time, ask Google a thing or two. Try to focus on an idea, like “food puns” or “chemistry puns”. A basic topic for your jokes will make it easy to recall them later, and slip them into conversation.

The only downside is anxiously waiting for your friend to start talking about how he’d prefer a different seat in class so you can tell him not to desk-riminate.


  1. Plan For Occasions

Are you going out with friends later? Well nothing could make the occasion memorable and/or ruin it more than a pun or two (or thirty-seven)!

If you know you’re going somewhere, try to plan for it by writing a few puns. The simplest thing about this method is that you’re definitely going to have the opportunity to make your puns. Passing by some trash on the ground at the park? “That’s litter-ally disgusting!” Someone asks you if you want to travel to a vacation on the beach? “Shore!” (Or, if you’d rather not, just tell them that you’d rather “sea” what your other options are.)


  1. Write Your Own Material

Puns need to be written. The internet has some decent one-liners, admittedly, but there are so many more jokes to be made, and you’re possibly the only person who can think of some of them. So, whether you like it or not, to move forward in your quest to become the ultimate pun-maker (because that’s why I’m assuming you’re still reading) you’re going to have to sit down and write some of your own jokes.

To start out, it would be best to simply replace words with similar words. Start with one syllable words and work your way up.

There are trickier (and more rewarding) ways to make puns. You could insert one word into another one. Instead of talking about how terrible your morning tea was, you could call it “tea-rrible”, or, by contrast, if your tea was really great, call it “tea-rrific”.

The best thing about writing your own material is that you can get specific comedy without scrolling through hours of Google Images. If school spirit at Farragut infuriates you, you could say that isn’t a very Admiral-ble quality, and you may want to seek some Anchor management.

If all else fails, there are always the classic “double-meaning” puns. “I got fired from the orange juice company because I couldn’t concentrate.” “We’ve been talking about trees for three hours now. We should really branch out.” That sort of thing.

Eventually you’ll be able to spit out puns without a second’s hesitation, and watch people roll their eyes quicker than ever before!

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A Punofficial Guide To Making Jokes: Three Steps To Comedy Genius